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Lowering spacers

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I tried to contact 2003RC51 with no luck yet. Is anyone else making the required spacers to lower our cars?
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If anyone's interested the rear shock spacers that I offer work on the GC suspension as well the replacement lowering springs.
I'm interested, but at $50 + shipping..... Maybe next month!
No problem. I always have them in stock.
do the spacers work for eibachs as well? I know the eibachs are a little lower than GC's
The spacers work with both the Eibach lowering springs and GC suspension systems.
yeah i understand they are technically universal, but since the eibachs lower it more than the GC's im just curious as to if there is going to be any adverse effect. I know the difference between the two is minimal, i just want to make sure im spacing it correctly. now how do i order them, since there isnt a way to order it on your site
I haven't heard or experienced any problems once the spacers were installed.

With regards to placing an order you can send me a PM or an email from the site.
Hey guys, It's been a while. There have been a few changes since my last post. First I don't have the web site up. Second the price of the spacers is now $35.00(US) plus shipping. I've changed the manufacturing procedure to reduce costs. If anyone has any questions PM me..
PM received and reply sent.

Hey sent.I'm actually running with H&R springs and stock shocks. I can seriously use these until its time to replace them. Tks
My inbox has been cleared. Thanks again. PM sent.

Nels, i tried to PM you in regards to payment but your PM inbox is full. anyways $$ sent! PM back
1 - 8 of 40 Posts
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