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Lowering spacers

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I tried to contact 2003RC51 with no luck yet. Is anyone else making the required spacers to lower our cars?
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I tried to contact 2003RC51 with no luck yet. Is anyone else making the required spacers to lower our cars?
Nels aka nelson is the one making them 2003rc51 just made them for his car aka my shocks now ;).
I don't remember the dimensions of the ones that I made but I can figure it out with the GC spacers that I have. I will make some out of aluminum if there is interest. I am not a vendor here so I am not selling anything "yet". I have a really nice set of spacers(MM influenced) that I am making for my car right now and I am sure there will be interest in those. I will become a vendor once I get my toe rods, trailing arms, rear spacers, and motor mounts completed.
and your kickass for making me a sweet deal on those springs :thumbsup: So i would buy from you again if i needed them :worship:

Btw got any pics with the new GC setup yet??
So it looks like you are as happy as I was when I got those on the car. It is amazing how much it changes the look of the V just from lowering.

No pics yet, That is the spacer setup that I am working on right now. Once I get it done I will take pictures of everything.

We will be ordering the parts to get our lathe up and running tomorrow so I can start turning the spacers soon hopefully.
my thoughts exactly.. looks like a sports car now. Looks mean as hell on the move now too :thumbsup:
i would most likely need a set of these spacers, i have the GC, the rear is lowered, but i have the obnoxious clunk everytime i hit a speed bump, pothole, uneven roads.... i'd like to put one solid spacer on each side versus the feff fix that guys were just slapping 3-5 washers on both rear shocks... rc51 would your spacers cure the clunk issue?
I have no clunk but let me ask you a question, Did u tighten down the nut on the top of the shock as much as possible , and i mean smash that rubber bushing? Because that is what you must do to eliminate the clunk. If you did not then go and try that first because the gc spacers are 1 inch too correct? If so just do that and problem solved. I had the clunk with my 2003 cts with nels spacers but it was not nels spacers fault it was the guy who installed those did not tighten that bolt as much as possible and that resulted in the clunk. As you know you eliminate the rubber from one side and that is what makes the clunk because you have play in the shock but no absorber on the bottem side. Here are pics of how a smashed bushing should look.

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