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Lowering kit options with 26" wheels

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Im narrowing down my choices for a set of 26" wheels on my 07 Escalade. After looking at pics of other vehicles online with larger wheels it looks like perhaps a 2" drop would compliment the finished look. I don't want to go too low and I want to maintain or improve handling if possible. In the past when Ive lowered a vehicle I have needed to replace the shocks so they are not bottomed out or kicking on any "Suspension error" lights. But I noticed some kits don't come with shocks, some come with sway bars, and the prices jump all over the place depending on what you buy. After spending over $4K on a wheel and tire package the last thing I want is to be wearing our tires due to alignment issues or suffer from poor handling. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.....
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Hope everyone is okay... so today I got my '08 Escalade quoted for Ground Force - 2"/3" Drop for air ride ($750.00), 5 hrs labor ($95.00 an hr), Alingment ($150.00)

Total: $1816.86 w/ taxes.

I am located in NJ... Seems reasonable? Too expensive or just right? Please advice. All labor & parts has full warranty. Hope everyone has a good night.

Brother, thanks for responding! The issue is I forgot to mention that I'm dealing with 26" rims. Also, I am not too much of a "do it yourself " when it comes to heavy work like that. I had a hip replacement a couple of yrs ago, (long story; US Army) & doing it myself is out the door. NTB does not have the capacity to do 26". (I checked & they go up to 22"; 24" special requested & sent somewhere else)

Yes, the labor seemed very expensive to me as well. He told me he had to do some cutting, melting & in the front, he had to cut some of the actual metal & smooth it out in order to prevent rusting & rubbing. I'm trying to get him down to 3-4 hrs labor, which is what I've been hearing. I also want him to do it right the 1st time. The company is Imagine Audio. (Hainesport, NJ). Lemme know what you think...

Sounds good... still quoting around, but I will post before & after|Model:Escalade&hash=item4845b75806&vxp=mtr

This is what it looks like... He is charging me $730.00 from his "distributor" with warranty. I've been to two different shops and believe it or not, that seems like the going rate over here. One shop quoted me $2200.00 and the other $1950.00

So far, the one I chose (which have already done work on my truck) seem like the cheapest and the only ones who want to warranty the work. I will check with NYC to see if I find a shop up there, but might be going with my original. Plus talked them down from 5 hours to 4 hours.
I hear you... well, mos def congrats for having friends with that type of hook up. I rather go new but thats a personal choice. As far as the price, I settled with this shop that will lower it down 3" front & 4-5" back, full new sets front & back for $1350.00 out the door. I looked at 7 shops in my area, to include Philly & NYC. I chose the cheapest as possible with the most reliable backup. I found some shops that did them much cheaper, but did not look all that trust worthy. Again, thanks for the feedback. Please post your pics & I will mos def post mine as well.

Thanks for the heads up brother. I decided to go with that shop near my house & they use Beltech only. As far as the price, it is the cheapest in the area with the best track record & warranty. I've been looking @ shops since October of last year. They gave me a military discount, so is not that bad. Thanks again & I will post once I'm done with all projects. Would be willing to go down to MD for a new 9" double din head unit. Lemme know the name of the shop & approximate cost..


And yes, Alingment included, spacers if needed, fender MOD, cutting, etc.. The owner has a 09' Esky. We'll see.. Work should start next week
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