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Lowering kit options with 26" wheels

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Im narrowing down my choices for a set of 26" wheels on my 07 Escalade. After looking at pics of other vehicles online with larger wheels it looks like perhaps a 2" drop would compliment the finished look. I don't want to go too low and I want to maintain or improve handling if possible. In the past when Ive lowered a vehicle I have needed to replace the shocks so they are not bottomed out or kicking on any "Suspension error" lights. But I noticed some kits don't come with shocks, some come with sway bars, and the prices jump all over the place depending on what you buy. After spending over $4K on a wheel and tire package the last thing I want is to be wearing our tires due to alignment issues or suffer from poor handling. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.....
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I have a Beltech 2/4 kit on my Escalade no issues what so ever. Fronts are spindles so it leaves stock springs and shocks and rear is springs and shock extensions so basically all the same as if it was stock.

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Wow still that is a ton for lowering. Does that include alignment as well? To bad your not closer to MD as my rim shop does these for way lower. But also do not get Ground force. I hated them on my old 07 Tahoe. Road like crap compared to my beltech's that are on my Escalade. When I had them on my Tahoe I swapped them out for mcgaughys. But then got the Escalade and went with Beltech.
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