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Lowering kit options with 26" wheels

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Im narrowing down my choices for a set of 26" wheels on my 07 Escalade. After looking at pics of other vehicles online with larger wheels it looks like perhaps a 2" drop would compliment the finished look. I don't want to go too low and I want to maintain or improve handling if possible. In the past when Ive lowered a vehicle I have needed to replace the shocks so they are not bottomed out or kicking on any "Suspension error" lights. But I noticed some kits don't come with shocks, some come with sway bars, and the prices jump all over the place depending on what you buy. After spending over $4K on a wheel and tire package the last thing I want is to be wearing our tires due to alignment issues or suffer from poor handling. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.....
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im currently going from 24 2/3 drop to 26 3/5 drop with the help of norcalss
I went with a 2/3 drop with 26s. I wish I would of went 3/5
you can modify your kit thats what im currently doing
I contacted norcalss and told him what I currently had and what I want to do and he hooked me up with the kit that I need to get where I want
Ive never heard of any one mention ground force as a lowering kit it seems all you hear about is belltech and mcgaughys Id be interested to hear what you have to say if you pull the trigger
Damn I must be getting a good deal. I also have an 08 with rear air ride and I just bought the exact same kit USED from a friend for $290. Now my other friend is going to install for $150 at his shop. There's no way I could justify spending $1800 on a minimal drop like this. I'm looking forward to doing it next week and I will send u a pic of u want.

Next I am looking for some 24" asanti's used in perfect condition. That's going to be harder I think.
you just missed out on my asantis 24"
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