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Lowering Escalade 4x4 help please

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I did a searcha nd nothing came up, so no flames. I have an 03 Escalade 4x4 and want to lower it 2" front 3" rear so it is easier for my wife to get our new baby in, and for the look. How do I do it, I have lifts at my shop to use, I just need advice on how to diable the air system if need be and what kit to go with. thank you in advance.
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I would first try google-ing!!!!!

I know that stillen offers a wide variety of springs (for lowering)...... Talk to the stillen guy on there (stillen guy is his user name)...... email him and see if he has anything to offer/recommend!

Make sure you keep us updated......
Looks nice dude!!!!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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