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I don't even know what it's called--the rubber strip on the underside of the front bumper.

Mine's come loose and ripped. They seem to be on eBay, but can anyone give me its 'real' name so I can search better, and a preferred place to buy them (if you like something better than eBay)?

Thanks in advance.

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The Service Manual calls it an Air Deflector. GM parts direct carries it as part number 25716142. Unless you mean the Splash Shield underneath the engine, which carries GM part number 25763401. The push pins for the Splash Shield are part number 14093088, but a good parts store can match them with generic push pins.

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Man, I didn't remember that the rubber air deflector was so expensive!

One thing I noticed in the many times I've been poking around under the front of the car is that the air deflector is only actually fastened in place in a few spots. There are a bunch of tabs that slide back through slots in the bumper, but only a few of those tabs have push pins that go through them to hold the deflector in place. What I did was put some zip-ties through the holes on some of the tabs that don't have push pins. The zip-ties don't attach to anything, they're just tied around the rubber tab, and the "lock" portion of the zip-tie is thick enough that it keeps the tab from pulling out of the slot in the bumper.
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