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Low speed shake in 2000 Eldorado - Coachbuilder Convertible

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Bought a 2000 Coachbuilers Eldorado ETC a few weeks back and there is shake in the steering wheel at even low speeds.

I thought it was the tires. They are almost new Vogue tires, but as the previous owner had only driven the car about 1000 miles in the last 2 years, I thought they might had gone out of round just sitting there. But I had new tires put on it today (Goodyear Response Edge) and it's still there. I had the front end checked as well after I bought it, at GM dealer my friend works at and everything looks good.

Any suggestions? I'm wondering if the body structure is just more flexible with the convertible conversion and that's what I'm feeling, although I hope not.

Thanks, an avid reader of your forums..
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It could definetly be some cowl shake, since it wasn't supposed to be a convertible. Most common problems in these suspensions are sway bar end links, and shocks. I would take it to another shop and get a second opinion. Its pretty easy tho to diagnose suspension problems, get under the car, and start pulling on each component, none of them should move or have any play. If everything checks out, I would put a strut tower brace on it, as jc said
Thanks Guys. I took at look at it, and there looks to be a factory strut brace on it now. (black tubular-rectangle piece between the strut towers).

Is there a stronger after-market one you guys would recommend?
I was reading up on another thread re: low speed shake in someones 2000 Deville and his problem ended up being a bent axle.

Is there any easy way to visually check for this?
I also had the shake which was terrible from 0-50MPH and have since replaced most of my suspension since it was all toast at 113k miles :)

I'd follow inspecting and replacing the following in roughly this order due to ease/cheapness (COSTS ARE FOR PARTS ONLY!):

1) sway bar end links/ $60ish each (need 2)/ <1 hour
2) sway bar bushings/ $15ish each (need 2)/ <1 hour
3) strut mounts (you want the complete mount with bearing ring)/$100ish each (need 2)/ <2 hours
4) intermediate steering shaft/ can't remember dealer part only as I recall/ >PITA!
5) worn or damaged CV axles/ $80ish each (need different driver vs pass side)/ <2 hours if you include this while doing strut mounts...

The first 2 you can easily do yourself in less than a hour, search the boards I've done a couple writeups on a cheap and easy way to pull the sway bar end links, strut mounts aren't hard but you'll need to remove the struts completely and will thus require a front end alignment, if you take the struts out to replace the mounts (they're rubber and drycrack and the bearing rings are cheap plastic that wear out) I'd do the CVs if they have alot of miles on them, it makes the whole job a lot easier. Intermediate steering shaft is a bit harder to get to, search the boards for procedure, hope this helps...
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Thanks Raze. Appreciate the list.

I'll have to check your write-ups. It's been a while since I've actually worked on my own car.
A Road Force type of balancing where they do it on the car might tell you if it's a suspension or frame problem
I just jacked the car up and there is some play in the front drivers side wheel. (1/8" to 1/4" in movement when moving the wheel by hand.)

A wheel bearing? There's no noise when it drives, just that shaking..
Which way is the wheel moving, up and down, or side to side. I don't think a wheel bearing would cause any play, and you would definetly hear. There is definetly something amiss, I would check your shock/strut mounts and make sure the bolts at the top of the shock tower are tight.
Side to Side.

I'll head back out and check the bolts. Thanks
It may be time to give in and take it to the dealer or a reputable front end shop. Something is failing, and when something in the suspension breaks, it usually has really bad results.
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