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Low Rider Doubt

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Long time no posting! :) I graduated from college and many more hapenned, both good and bad.. he he..

Anyhow.... Im STILL restoring/modding a 1974 Ford Galaxie 500.. it will have a modified 351 windsor engine, making 450 hp and 550 lb/ft torque, and a killer sound system and a low rider suspension.. but the problem is that a friend who has a lowrider truck it says it will lost a lot of traction, he says the lowriders trucks he know the tires ¨slips¨ or ¨drift¨ when they hit the gas pedal hard....

Besides the person who its gonna builde me the engine told me that the car its gonna ¨slip¨ a lot and I have to get the best tires I can afford at maybe a 305 size in the rear, so it have a lot of traction..

So my question is can I get both a quick launching car and a low rider ?
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air bag it and put a 4-link on it with wider wheels and tires..not 13x7 or 14x7 wheels either..they are way to my opinion anyway.
Im STILL restoring/modding a 1974 Ford Galaxie 500
Not sure I believe this. I REALLY need to see pictures. :thumbsup: ;)
I´m planning to use 18¨wheels, the rear rims/wheels will be custome made to fit and will be a lot wider, I hope this helps in the traction department..

But the person who has the lowrider truck told me that since you replace the struts and many things with the air bags, the car looses weight in the rear and thats why the car ¨spin ¨ at launching, that maybe I need to put some weight in the trunk to avoid this... and maybe I could install a traction bar traction bar ??

I will post pictures as soon I can , but maybe some of you will not like what I have done to the car, :hide:

some of my ¨friends¨don´t , I wanted to ¨update/modernize¨ the car a little bit, so its not 100 % original, but I think its a good taste modding..

some of my ¨friends¨don´t , I wanted to ¨update/modernize¨ the car a little bit, so its not 100 % original, but I think its a good taste modding..

Then they're not your friends. :)

Seriously, I don't think you can screw up a Galaxie, certainly not a 70's model. Anything's an improvement!

18" isn't too big, but I woudn't be stingy with the rubber.
I've never had wheels slip on any of my lowriders. Doing a three wheel I had to stomp on it to get a higher three wheel and I never had traction issues. Now with that amount of torque you have you might be spinning the wheels anyway...
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