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Low Refrigerant- A/C off

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Got this on my 01 mechanic says must vacuum lines before adding freon ....his cost $120............another mechanic said vacuum not necessary & added 2 cans of freon but no cool air but low refrigerant-a/c on off disappeared from info bar......he said he would need to do more testing to determine problem w/o messing with trying to bypass ? (something) and fix it right so computer would be correct in reading going ahead.....thinking about leaving with him tomorrow...........anyone have opinions? they are very welcome.
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I ran the codes but "reset" never appeared......:cookoo:
I ran the codes but "reset" never appeared.
CORRECT - the word RESET is simply not used -

if you have a DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code - or just CODE - for low refrigerant -
the AC compressor will be disabled to protect it from destruction -

you must CLEAR that code to enable the compressor -

CLEAR CODES is what you are looking for after pulling the codes -
I assume you mean hooking up a set of gauges to check the operation of the system...which I see NO mention of in this thread as being done. \Dumping in 2 cans of Freon doesn't count as a fix.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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