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Low Refrigerant- A/C off

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Got this on my 01 mechanic says must vacuum lines before adding freon ....his cost $120............another mechanic said vacuum not necessary & added 2 cans of freon but no cool air but low refrigerant-a/c on off disappeared from info bar......he said he would need to do more testing to determine problem w/o messing with trying to bypass ? (something) and fix it right so computer would be correct in reading going ahead.....thinking about leaving with him tomorrow...........anyone have opinions? they are very welcome.
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No, the diagnostics won't, but the DTC Sticky will.
(I guess clearing all codes on PCM cleared the low refrigerant code but it never "showed specifically that code).
It did, but if you are low on refrigerant, it will reappear shortly after you start using the A/C again.
You only need to pull a vacuum when the system has been opened up.

Are both the inlet and outlet refrigerant lines at the firewall equally COLD, not cool, but cold?

A pressure test should help determine if the compressor is bad, but the mechanic who did the recharge SHOULD have checked for that.
I assume you mean hooking up a set of gauges to check the operation of the system...which I see NO mention of in this thread as being done.
Yes, that is what I was referring to.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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