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Low Refrigerant- A/C off

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Got this on my 01 mechanic says must vacuum lines before adding freon ....his cost $120............another mechanic said vacuum not necessary & added 2 cans of freon but no cool air but low refrigerant-a/c on off disappeared from info bar......he said he would need to do more testing to determine problem w/o messing with trying to bypass ? (something) and fix it right so computer would be correct in reading going ahead.....thinking about leaving with him tomorrow...........anyone have opinions? they are very welcome.
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So the diagnostics will tell me how to reset? Im a dummy to all this....I want to save money if I can do it.
I ran the codes but "reset" never appeared......:cookoo:
Thanks, I kept looking for "reset" but PCM came up and i cleared all codes, then "no codes" showed up for PCM........I turned on mtr with "a/c" button off but fan on high.....then pushed AC button and it sounded like compressor engaged.....YAY!....Ill know if the AC is working/cooling when weather gets warmer but I think the compressor kicked in because it boosted the air coming in. 50 degrees out now.
(I guess clearing all codes on PCM cleared the low refrigerant code but it never "showed specifically that code).
Yesterday 60 degrees outside, tried ac but not cool air.....but low refridge no longer appears as I had 2 cans installed about a week ago......still stumped........( 1 mech told me had to vacuum line before adding freon)....but the one who installed it said not necessary but no cool air yet........cleared all PCM codes, sounds like AC compressor kicks in but not cold air.....maybe I need a new compressor ??
The mech hooked up gauges, etc....kinda puzzled why cold air not coming he wanted me to come back and leave with I guess it has come to that....I just thought it might be easier fix by clearing codes, etc but not happening,,,,I'll bite the bullet and hope his fee is not crazy high.
Taking to mech monday...will advise what the trouble was...(if he can find it.)
1 - 9 of 19 Posts
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