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So when the car is started theres a idling squeal, first im thinking maybe a pully is loose maybe the belt is squealing?

any other opinions (sorry if my thinking is far off lol)

i got in it and started it and at idle it would have a low noise squeal kinda like a creaky sound, i eased on the gas in park and the rpms went up and the squeal went away. im gonna go back to her house and drive the car about 3 miles to my house and look at it.

alright so i got in it drove it fuel level notification came on the radio display so i put some gas in it, while driving it i heard a noise kinda like the air cleaner sucking in air but it wasnt the air cleaner, i believe its the pulley right above the alternator but wasnt sure if its a possibility, ill try to get a video of it and post and get some pics.


pics and video

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