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Loss of Communication Codes U1xxx

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I am getting history codeswhen I go to clear my P0741 that are all loss of communication of some kind. I know that the network that runs through the car is sending all kinds of information all the time. Are these codes somthing to worry about or just a one time issue? There are no problems that I can tell comming for these codes.

I get codes like:
U1713 Loss of Front Door Module to Window Motor High Speed Comm.
U1016 Loss of Communications with PCM/VCM
U1064 Loss of Communications with DIM
U1000 Class 2 Communication Malfunction
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If the codes are HISTORY, then I would not worry about it. Most of the time codes like that are set when the battery is disconnected. I would clear all the history codes and see if any set to CURRENT the next time you start /drive the car.
I searched some other threads and fount that things like the steering wheel not moving to the exit position can spit out some of these communication codes. The codes do come back or have come back twice but are always in history when I check them. I think they are mostly harmless but I do wonder if they have something to do with my TCC issues. The PCM looks good though so... Thanks for the reply by the way!
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