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Loss of a family member...

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I debated whether to post this in the Motorsports section, or not at all, but.... giving additional glimpses of ourselves as Caddy owners, fills in the gaps of each of our automotive journey. Most of us are not 'Cadillac purists', we have all strayed from the faith.... lol.

From my signature, and a few posts mentioning the marque, some have deducted that I'm a tried and true Alfa Romeo 'fan boy.' An 'Alfista' in the correct automotive parlance. When I was a poor college student back in the early 90's, married, and with toddler, and wanting a lithe, agile sports car, all I could afford was a rat-trap '76 Alfa Romeo Alfetta. That car turned in to an obsession with the marque that has lasted over these past 25+ years ( a couple of German & one Japanese examples owned didn't dissuade me). An Alfa enthusiast I still am today, despite my positive recent two car Caddy ownership history. (2013 ATS 2L Turbo premium 6sp MT, and current '16 ATS-V 6sp MT)

I said goodbye yesterday to a very special Alfa Romeo ('73 GTV2000) that I've had in my care since 1997, over 20 years. ( A total of 14 Alfas in/out of my possession during my ownership experience. ) It has great racing provenance, prior owner is a stalwart in the Alfa community and he raced the car successfully in SCCA both in SoCal and up in the Pacific NW area (complete with SCCA racing logbooks). I never achieved such racing grandeur, but it was a great car and experience to share with my son over the years (who was about 10 when the car was purchased).

Its going to a great Alfista in Atlanta, who intends to keep it as a vintage racer (most potential buyers wanted to return it to street use, wiping out its racing history/unique livery). The kicker is the new owner already has a working relationship with the prior owner, who happens to be THE guru of Alfa Romeo mechanical fuel injection (SPICA) in the USA. Proper stewardship of this special car continues, which warms my heart.

I welcome that free spot in the garage, though I will surely miss this unique car.

'Sharkey' btw.

Farewell, my friend...


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