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Loosing Oil and Burning Smell

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Hey guys, how are yall doing. I recently got a used engine put in my 97 ETC and it runs great but after every drive I notice a burning smell under the hood and can barely see some smoke, but nothing major. Well a month after I got the engine install, it seems that the oil is very low (barely any on the stick), yet I never got a low oil warning on the dash. And the coolant also seemed to dropped about an inch. I have put about 1500 miles on the car since I got it and I understand that the northstar burns oil, but I don’t think this is normal. I took the car back to the shop earlier this week and the mechanic couldn’t find any leaks and he tighten up screws under the oil pan, he said it may be the oil gasket. Then he put 4 quarts of oil in. Which I think was too much, being that oil marker is pass the brown part. When I checked the oil this morning, it was darker. I don’t know what else I can check on or what is causing the burning smell. There isn’t any oil or coolant leak visible and the car runs great. Please give me some insight if you can. Thanks a lot guys.
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The Oil Level Low warning does not come up until you're missing 2 quarts. The dipstick range from "full" to "add" is designed so that when it reaches "add" it means it's low 1 quart.

The engine may be dirty, and the dirt and old oil may smoke when the engine gets toasty.

I used to have a similar condition when my oil cooler lines were leaky. Put your car up on ramps and look in there with a flashlight.

It may help to use "brake parts cleaner" to remove the buildup and oil, on the underside... wipe it clean with a rag... then check again a few days later so you can see where the problem is.
that makes sense mtflight, thanks alot, imma check on that. So now im a little worried since the mechanic dropped 4 quarts in there. So now im thinking that it just burned that typical 1 quart due to me driving it ova 1000 miles. By the way, nice Eldo, mines is the same color. You eva have any problems with the cd changer as far as it not reading and showin and error?
Eldorado_RED said:
You eva have any problems with the cd changer as far as it not reading and showin and error?
Yep, but these problems are rare. Sometimes the only thing that has worked, is leaving the car with the radio on (not necessarily running, but with the key turned), unplugging the CD changer, then plugging it back in.

It takes a while to initialize, but then it's all good.

I noticed the problem became rare, if I switch source to radio or the in-dash CD player prior to shutting her down. If I shut it down in the middle of a CD playing int he changer, I'd get the problem.
The CHECK OIL LEVE message won't come on til the oil level drops off the dipstick. Like mtflight said, you'll still have 5 -51/2 qts. left in the sump at that point.
Thanks fo the info Ranger, well being that the mechanic put 4 quarts in when there was no oil on the dipstick, should i be worried, eva since he added those 2/3 extra quarts the oil has turned real dark and i dont know if i should change it or dont worry bout it at all.
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