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Loose headlight

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Well Ive noticed for awhile now that at highway speeds my headlight would rattle around... Almost like a motorcycle. So I decided to check it out. Took off the top cover and saw the main mount (longest screw) was broke. I decided to take the whole light out because ill be having my car painted soon here by a buddy and want to avoid breaking things during preping. Anyways I attempted to pull the light out, not noticing there was a 3rd mount on the inside wheel well. Ended up breaking that too. Decided to figure out how that comes off w/o breaking. Ended up taking the 2 piece mud flaps from inside the wheel well out. And finally had access to it. But I still couldnt take it out. Its was like a square bolt but it looked like it was pressure fitted holding the light in. Anyone know how to remove it?


P.S. now i have to find a replacement headlight!
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Not sure if they changed this, but my 94 eldo had plastic clips that i had to get from the dealer. They told me to use a heat gun to warm the plastic and then shove it in, or out in your case. Boy were they right, no way i was getting in it without heat!!!

Mine was just a bolt with a ball at the end then the plastic clip slips over it.
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