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Hey all, I'm an M-B E350 owner, and am looking to pick up a second car for my L.A-Vegas work trips on weekends. I've been looking into MPG savers but for some crazy reason I've recently had the urge to pick up a big and roomy SUV, of which my price point would cater to a high mileage '03 Escalade or Navigator (I've been told to stay with '03+ Escalades, is this true?)

What I'd like to know is, I'm looking at 100+K mileage examples here, to pick one up for around $10K or so (only 2WD models). Is this something that should be avoided with these? What major problems do these Trucks suffer from?

Are Air Suspension problems normal? And if so how much do they generally run to fix? I'm assuming the transmission is something else that might not last too long? And is it safe to assume the motors on these are pretty bullet-proof?

And lastly, I know this isn't a gas saver by any means, but for a 300 mile trip, how much $$ does that usually cost you guys?

Any help would be MUCH appreciated, thanks!
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