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Looking To Buy A Few Things

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Hey guys I been posting in the CTS forum, anyways I own a 06 CTS 3.6

Im looking for a

CTS V Grill MESH Top/Bottom if possible

18-20" black rims/tires
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Oh boy! We are going to have some fun!!!
Sorry to come here to ask its just I had a guy offer me a CTS V Mesh grill for $120 shipped. I messaged him a hour later and he pretty much didn't wait for my answer and just sold it. Pretty crappy but im not trying to be a poser its just the CTS V grill is more solid looking, and its not like im asking for CTS V badges.
Go to

Type in the search box "CTS-V" and hit SEARCH

Get results :D

Lower Grill

Upper Grill

Upper Grill

Upper Grill

V Bumper

Just snoop around there's SO MANY ON EBAY!
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thanx guys wasn't aware of the wheels. But yea I figured id try on both CTS/CTS V forums before I paid $300 something on eBay one guy offered me $120 shipped a hour later I said im interested ill pay you immediatly he replys back saying already sold. Just bit my lip
Last Try Seeing If Anyone Has A Cts V Grill Laying Around

If you have both top/bottom mesh grills please reply. last time asking or im ordering them.
Re: Last Try Seeing If Anyone Has A Cts V Grill Laying Around

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