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Looking to buy 2003 CTS need opinions

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New guy here. Need some opinions on this car since I am unfamiliar with them.

Can you all enlighten me as to things to look out for in a used CTS. Known mechanical issues or maintenance that needs to be done at this point that I should ask about. Also, how are these cars in snow? I would be running dedicated snow tires at all 4 corners of course.

2003 3.2 6 cylinder with 64K miles
Says it has Luxury and Sport package (what do these include?)
Express Moonroof
Side Airbags
1 Owner
Blue Onyx with Light Neutral Interior
$10,500 IS this a good deal?

thank you in advance for your help group!
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Is the CIL on..? If not, thats a good indication car has been serviced well. Regardless, ask for maintenance records/history.

Also, on 03s. ECM code history can be accessed using F1-F6 radio button procedure.

Good Luck,..and Welcome to the Forum.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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