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Looking to buy 2003 CTS need opinions

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New guy here. Need some opinions on this car since I am unfamiliar with them.

Can you all enlighten me as to things to look out for in a used CTS. Known mechanical issues or maintenance that needs to be done at this point that I should ask about. Also, how are these cars in snow? I would be running dedicated snow tires at all 4 corners of course.

2003 3.2 6 cylinder with 64K miles
Says it has Luxury and Sport package (what do these include?)
Express Moonroof
Side Airbags
1 Owner
Blue Onyx with Light Neutral Interior
$10,500 IS this a good deal?

thank you in advance for your help group!
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That's the same model I have, except mine's White Diamond.

I bought it with 59,000 miles and it now has about 64,000 on it.

Only had two problems (Cylinder Misfire and Crank Position Sensor).

Other than that I love the car.

teto4411 pretty much covered the Sport and Winter modes.

The Bose sound system is good if you like your music loud but not obnoxious.

Heated seats come in handy during those cold winter mornings lol.

Read this

Overall it's a great car, and this forum is really helpful if you ever run into problems.

Good Luck!
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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