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<-----Looking for Used headers

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If anyone is deciding to "upgrade" to kooks from there current lt's like sw, tpis, bb, etc....Im interested and in the market for a set of reasonably priced used headers. Thanks!
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Same here! TXSilverV, you wont need those headers if you upgrade to a 427... Im just sayin.... Plus im close!
d did i sell you my kooks? lol.
o, lol, thought maybe you were the one i sold mine too a while back.....
Shoot me an email, I've got lots of goodies that should find a new home.
as did i, thanks for butting in on my thread derek.
LOL j/k i am sure i wont get them too much other stuff to figure out on my V
lol, its allllll good. hopefully stealth will email me back asap!!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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