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Looking for input on rebuilding an 04 V trans. 3rd gear (only) grind at all speeds

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Picked up a new to me 04 V yesterday. P.o was shady and obviously playing it off as hydraulic issues saying it needed a new master and he had shifting issues and that's why it was parked. It was my mistake for not driving it or Insisting we go further or I would have noticed. He had no insurance or valid plates on it so I didn't take it far (I'm sure he was sighing with relief in his mind on the test drive) Long story short the car was still a deal for me .. And moving on fixing 3rd gear.

Wanted to ask on thoughts on fixing just 3rd vs a full rebuild ? It will be driven daily and not very hard. I wanted to hear any experience or reccomendatuons with building a t56(is a t56 correct?). I may pull the trans myself and drop it off to get it rebuilt. I've seen quite a few kits and parts to fix a lot inside so I wanted to ask and know about any reccomendatuons before going into it.

Any input is appreciated ! Car has a new ls7 clutch, tick remote bleeder. It comes with a custom master that I see is common upgrade for full release (triton or tilton?) and I plan to install that tomorrow and reverse bleed from the slave (need to look into the setup I reverse bleed on the zf in my c4 vette).

Tia! I'm all ears !
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Based on what little you report, it could still be a hydraulic issue (including the master cylinder) or a clutch spacing issue if that is recent clutch install.
Basically it grinds third gear A LOT, and requires force and clenching your teeth when grinding to get it to engage. When engaged it stays put accel or deccel and shifts out fine either to 2nd or 4th. Going into third and all speeds wot or no throttle.. Significant grind and effort required. Sorry just trying to clarify for you guys. I picked up an e46 m3 years ago and it popped out of 3rd.. Ended up being a bent clutch fork. I'll make a video even though I've been avoiding 3rd since I picked the car up.
If it were mine, I would pull the transmission and ship it to RPM Transmissions for a rebuild with upgrades. The T-56 is complex and Tremec is constantly upgrading internal components. I would not want to pull and replace it my driveway more than once.
Appreciate the input. Definitely heard of rpm Pretty sure they had a personal car a 4th gen f body that was hella fast and manual ?? My issue is Im in Canada. if I pull the trans myself I may look into shipping it down for a rebuild. there are a few local shoppes that I know can handle it too though. I have the tilton master that came with the car ill be installing it tomorrow. Pervious owner says the grinding started after the ls7 clutch install. Not e his word on it but if it did seems like he did a good number on it trying for 3rd.
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