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Looking for input on rebuilding an 04 V trans. 3rd gear (only) grind at all speeds

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Picked up a new to me 04 V yesterday. P.o was shady and obviously playing it off as hydraulic issues saying it needed a new master and he had shifting issues and that's why it was parked. It was my mistake for not driving it or Insisting we go further or I would have noticed. He had no insurance or valid plates on it so I didn't take it far (I'm sure he was sighing with relief in his mind on the test drive) Long story short the car was still a deal for me .. And moving on fixing 3rd gear.

Wanted to ask on thoughts on fixing just 3rd vs a full rebuild ? It will be driven daily and not very hard. I wanted to hear any experience or reccomendatuons with building a t56(is a t56 correct?). I may pull the trans myself and drop it off to get it rebuilt. I've seen quite a few kits and parts to fix a lot inside so I wanted to ask and know about any reccomendatuons before going into it.

Any input is appreciated ! Car has a new ls7 clutch, tick remote bleeder. It comes with a custom master that I see is common upgrade for full release (triton or tilton?) and I plan to install that tomorrow and reverse bleed from the slave (need to look into the setup I reverse bleed on the zf in my c4 vette).

Tia! I'm all ears !
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Plan a three day vacation and drive to RPM. They will put a rebuilt one of your choice in. You can be back home in two days. USA is nice this time of year.
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