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Hey gang, hope I'm putting this in the right spot. First post here, I'm not a caddy owner, but I will soon own the blower setup from an LC3, for installation on my BMW 740i sport :lildevil:

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I got the idea from an old post over on bimmerforums, a couple of west-coast guys with a shop dropped one on their 540 (same engine, smaller chassis):

Engine Vehicle Auto part Car Automotive engine part

So I know it can be done, but they seem to have disappeared, while my desire has only grown :yup:

I wanted to ask y'all some questions while spelling out my intentions, and hopefully get some feedback:

I've enlisted a machinist to CNC some aluminum adapter plates using the BMW and GM intake mani gaskets as guides, to handle the lion's share of the mounting issue. I'm purchasing one of those $900 new blowers off Ebay and he's get a spare engine to use to mock it/fit it/test etc, so I think that part of the project should be relatively easy. If we need to machine a new pulley we can do that, and the longer belt is just a Napa visit away.

I so far plan on using the GM fuel rail and injectors, while mating my OE fuel line to it. Thought being that those injectors are larger than mine for more fuel delivery, and the rail and injectors are ready to mate to the blower, so no spacers or o-ring hassles to deal with. All I've got to do is confirm their impedance and purchase pigtails to solder into my factory harness so they can be plugged in. At this stage in the game we're (there are other guys following my progress) ok with the standard injectors, no larger ones are sought yet, though I bet some of y'all have already ;) I'm hoping that my MAF and O2's can "pull" enough duty cycle from the larger injectors when not in boost, to still allow the car to drive and get MPG's and whatever, tho it should go without saying after this is all up and running, dyno tune time is a must.

We're either going to mate our TPS to the GM TB or just mate the entire BMW TB to the GM blower, to address that issue.

The remote intercooler pump and heat exchanger, I plan on purchasing most of those pieces and setting that system up on my car, as the factory cooling system's ~230F operating temp:suspect: makes tying into it outright dangerous. If the car ran at 160-180F I'd consider it in the short-term just to work out the bugs, but I won't run non-intercooled nor will I run 230F coolant through the "cooler" either, for obvious reasons.

So where do I (and future followers) go to purchase the OE components we'll need? I've read up on the upgraded intercooler pump, even, but again, for my modest goals, the stock injectors/rail/pigtails and intercooler with pump and hoses will suffice.

Sorry for the long post, but trust that I am going to follow through with this, and am fully aware of the dangers, and have plenty of past experience with FI, blah blah blah, so I'm looking for educational sincere discussion. Thanks guys,

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