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I was going to say it's an expensive yet effective means of transforming a sophisticated roadcar into a gold anodized oversized hood ornament necklace wearing Guido from up east. But that's a touch insensitive. Honestly, to this old fart it just smacks of gold plating emblem craze - of the '80's was it??

And maybe not as much an issue with young-uns, but anything 5-spoke automatically defaults to oldschool Cragar SS mags ala Starskey & Hutch.

Either of those 2 grays below are more viable if silver is off the table. BTW and FTR you got a couple of nice rides there.
What did Starsky and Hutch do to you !!!

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To clear up some confusion since that isn't the best pic here is the wheel. I agree a 6 spoke may be more tasteful and am consider that. As to the gold, I always liked the white and gold like the 80's trans am's had. I'm old school though. My truck has a chrome brush guard and bed bars and looks like Walker Texas Ranger's truck, lol.

Ferrada, your paint looks amazing. Is that the same pearl as my 19? Any secret to get that glow?

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1st off, your car-your choice.
2nd only listen to others if you want your car to appeal to THEM.
3rd factory can look fine and keep a low profile but custom can stand out, you choose which you are trying to achieve.

If you are still reading, then NO on the copper/gold. It conjures an association with characters you dont want to be. Im sure those wheels are pricey but they come off as tacky. Only seeing the wheel itself I would expect it came off a black 911 in the early 1990s.

If done well, your car will look like you not only sprung for the nice ct6 but also took it home on nice oem accessory wheels. The style and color will not be far from stock but still unique. If you go too dark or choose a geometry too different, or especially if the fitment it off, i immediately assume you bought the car 2nd hand, started modding it without benefit of any idea what you are doing, and generally are destroying its value. If you go as wild as crazy colors or 24" size, or 120 spoke style i assume you bought the car hot (as in stolen) and used your mama's wic check to add the wheels.
Choose your mods to convey whatever image you are wanting to send.

Also - do you have the rear steering? Might impact your choice of sizes and backspacing....

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What did Starsky and Hutch do to you !!!
Hahahaha Nothing against them, but way too much time spent on thin plots waiting to get to the weekly starlet. For the car it was gaudy paint, gaudy chrome mags and jacked up rear. That was all the rage back then, but I always favored Hutch'es Galaxie more.

For the OP he's got some good feedback to go on. There's a definite time and place for a distinctive accent look like that, but really fear it could grow wearisome for a daily driver. The best way to do the experiment is get them and try them.

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The gold wheels made the car way too ghetto. The wheels in this thread with the black and silver looked pretty awesome though.

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