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in the local paper under new today, I saw:

'95 Fleetwood Brougham, loaded, $5500
I know that is a steal, it is eve the Brougham, if anywant wants the number, post it and I'll give it to ya.

Almost as bad as the '94 Caprice, said LT-1 motor, runs good, $200, I was expecting it to be in a huge accident or the tranny really messed up, when I finally got home and called (it was a classic Mustang dealership) the guy said it was sold (obviously) I asked what was wrong, he said nothing really, it blew a little smoke, he thinks it may have been the rings.... I really can't blame myself, becuase the first person to call up got that for sure, but damn, $200 for a new(ish) LT1 body on frame RWD car? damn, even if it did need a minor overhaul, $200 I would have made myself have the money to get that......
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