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looking for a '04-07 CTS-V diff

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i have an 05 V1 and blow the diff last night so now im looking for a diff does anyone have one or know someone that is selling one
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Cleveland Pick-A-Part has had them from time to time when they part a V.

But your choices will be slim. Most diffs you will find on e-bay will fit, but are not V diffs, or noisy/broken take offs.

Luke @ Lindsay can probably get you a decent price on a new one (last I remember in the $1,300 to $1,400 range).
I'm going to have one for sale in a few weeks. Not sure how quick you need it though.
I just pulled mine yesterday for an 8.8 Swap. High miles probably around 120k, will need seals and pinion bushing. Came from running driving car and I have a pinion bushing if you need it. I'm in Illinois, shoot me an offer.
I have one in my 05 V, shoot me an offer, if I like it, it is yours. It is out of my V that was in a front end wreck, nothing wrong with it. Text me 706-495-5128.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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