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LOOKING FOR: 1990-1992 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance

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I'm looking for a 1990-1992 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance with the 5.7L engine to buy.


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I have a 91 with a newer GM crate motor and a GM Goodwrench transmission. The car is White/Red, 142,000 mi. Engine was installed at about 85,000 mi. This car is problem free and has tons of replacement parts with receipts with a lot of lifetime warranty on replacement parts. It is not a DeElegance though. The engine was new when I installed NOT rebuilt. Car has little rust and kept in garage on snowy wet days here in central Illinois. Just put new tires and exhaust on it. Also rebuilt AC two years ago with compressor,evaporator core,dryer bottle and evacuated before recharging with R-12,Not a R134 conversion. I don't get on this site too often so, if interested you can inquire me at [email protected] $6500.00 Cash only NO CHECKS


I just started thinking about selling this car. I have owned it since 2000. I'll rattle off some things I've replaced on it. I don't have photo bucket to post pics. Engine is a 350 TBI.
Parts I can think of that I have replaced through the years: lifetime starter, new Modine radiator, new lifetime brakes front and rear,rebuilt digital dash cluster,Walker lifetime muffler with Walker tailpipe,radiator,block & heater core flushed every 2-3yrs. with Prestone and distilled water,Gates belt,rebuilt steering gearbox,center link,inner & outer tie rods,idler arm with recent front alignment,2 year old Hancook whitewall tires,350 injectors,replacement cruise control switch,lifetime Monroe front shocks,front end stabilizer links,AC Delco alternator,Mobil 1 10w30 since new engine. Does not use oil and is only highway driven. A/C rebuilt two years ago with R-12 not R-134 conversion as stated above. Everything works on car except windshield washer. Very nice condition for a car with this kind of miles.


Also have all receipts dating back to 2000 from when I purchased the car.


Would need a new battery also. Battery is still good but 7-8 years old. Have always plugged a Battery Tender into it when not driving.
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Is this being moved to the Fleetwood classified??
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