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Looking at a 96 Eldorado

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Looking for a second car. Found a 96 Eldo for 2500. 98k miles Dark red. Looks decent but what should I look for under the hood?? Or should I just stay away because I have heard many things about the headgaskets in these cars..???? Thanks
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Check the codes. Drive it hard and watch the temp gauge. Get a test kit and test the coolant if you want to be sure. look underneath and see if or how bad it may be leaking.
That is the main thing, drive it hard make sure the temp gauge stays around 12 oclock and then test the coolant for exhaust deposits. I have a 96 Eldo with 107k on the clock and I haven't had any problems with her. Ask for maintenance records too, so you have an idea of how she was taken care of. I think that is the key with these cars is meticulous care.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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