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Long term tech costs of our escalades.

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Interesting story here..


But I'm not worried about parts costs due to damage.

This is my first escalade so what worries me is the costs of magnetic shocks, power running boards, cue system, and ac controls due to its integration in the cue system.

Has anyone ever had to replace a whole cue system?

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My experience with my 2009 escalade hybrid was the front MRC shocks wears out at about 80k miles and is not covered by the extended warranty. I replaced mine at 80k then at 160k, a $1000 parts and labor. The rear MRC with load leveling was still good at 195k miles. It was the air compressor that needed to be replaced at 180k miles. Other than that it was bulletproof. Surprisingly my fuel pump died at 180k miles. The CUE with less moving parts should be okay.
broncophil said:
was that $1000 for all 4 corners of the MRC? if so, thats actually a deal. if not, thats crazy expensive.. haha
No, $1000 only for the fronts because I negotiated the price. Normally about $1200. The rear is even expensive though it was still good at 195k miles.
blit184 said:
Mechanical parts usually do have some sort of "undefined" lifetime.....electronics can die within the first 24 hours of runtime OR last forever!!!!
Driving the new 2015i, I thought I would have dramatic change in the ride from my hybrid. Nope, it rode the same in touring mode. Though it felt agile and light in its paces. I think my hybrid was heavier. At 195k miles, I think the hybrid just reached only reached half of its lifetime as when idling, turns itself off.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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