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We are making a change to our pricing as it pertains to the Costco Auto Program. During the month of September all new 2022 Escalade orders will be -$500 below MSRP. Starting October 1st Escalade will be removed from our Costco offerings. We do plan to add the Escalade back into the program down the road but not until the supply issues get better. We will still be offering the 2022 Cadillac Escalade @ MSRP and we will still offer The GM Supplier / Employee Discounts. If you have placed a Costco order before September and you are waiting on the order to arrive...You are still getting the price we originally quoted. Keep in mind, minor changes in pricing will occur as Cadillac takes remaining 2021 orders and converts to 2022 orders. We have no control of those pricing changes from the manufacturer.

If you are looking for XT4, XT5, XT6, CT4, CT5 We are selling @ -$500 Below MSRP for Costco Memebers. Currently, Cadillac is also offering the $1,000 ordering incentive on any new 2022 vehicle (Excludes Escalade & Blackwing) GM Supplier / Employee will still be offered (Excludes Blackwing)

BLACKWING we offer @ MSRP & we are currently accepting orders.

We still feel we are very competitive with our pricing and we look forward to assisting you. Thank you to all of those who have placed orders with us from across the country! It's been an honor getting to know everyone as well as creating some friendships along the way.

Please email me directly if we can be of assistance. [email protected]
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