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Lock cylinder

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We'll, lost my only set of keys. I need a new lock cylinder anywayz. The dealer won't be straight up with me so hope u guys can help. Can I buy the cylinder and key they should be able to cut the key and program it right then using my vin and could install the cylinder myself and the car should start right up. Is this correct?
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Without a working key, the dealer would have to pair the key with a TECH II. FEIW, if you had a key and wanted spares, you can pair them yourself.

However, a new lock cylinder isn't necessary. A dealer can cut a key from the VIN.
So I gotta come Otta pocket. The cylinder won't turn back for the radio to play without the car running. So it's bad. Also I'd hate to buy the keys and find out it's not the original cylinder.
Sorry, I didn't realize it was an Eldo. No key pairing necessary, they just have to order a key with the correct resistance. You could have it matched to the original key, so that you could have another one cut from the VIN if necessary.
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