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Little info on STS-V/XLR-V

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I got a little book with info on the new V selections from my dad's dealership. The XLR-V will be available with the same colors as the CTS-V except the blue. For the STS-V same os CTS-V except the red. Interior for STS-V and XLR-V we all know. Also I had the liberty in helping a fellow employee at Cadillac build the XLR-V's they will have. I made him get a red one with light interior, dont know bout the other one. The STS-V is the blue and silver. Theses cars are very limited so most dealers should have 2 of each maybe.
Plus the price is $77,200 or something like that, def $77.
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By the way the first V at my dads place is in the first to second week in December, STS-V and XLR-V. CTS-V is coming a little earlier.
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