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Listen to what my Dealer told me......

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Today, I went and asked my service tech how there dealership (Brasington Cadillac) responded to mods. He said "it depends" I then go on to say (k&n drop in? intake elbow? BB exhaust? He replied "if you make any of those adjustments, airflow to the car is changed and thus ANY engine related issues will not be covered under warranty" WTF???? Is this even legal? How can you guys have Maggies, Nitrous, and way more n/a mods yet you still maintain warranty. I wanted: BB with x pipe, Volant Intake, Stealth V tune, and SW headers (maybe). And now, it looks lioke I will not be able to get any of these items, as I cannot in any way not have a warranty. WHAT CAN I DO? Can anyone recommend a dealership in Florida that isnt going to be total *******s when it comes to mods?
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I work @ Crest Cadillac in Nashville. We also sell Hummer's, too. We have had a few hummers some in supercharged w/ shredded trnny's. We have covered them under warranty no problem. One came from Lund Cadillac. 40" tires w/ 22's full custom suspension the whole works. We put one in for them.
He is covering his ass and he is right when he says "it depends".
Man you guys in Florida have hurricanes and horrible support.
I thought Florida was a "car state".

Did you ask him about where he stands on dealer installed mods?

Like I have said before, the primo dealer/service for the V is spotty at best.

Now you know why people convert back to stock before they go to the dealer (if they have that choice!)

I am glad I live in California, the best state for a consumer.:lildevil:

I also am very glad that I have a dealer/service that treats me fairly even with a "modded" car.
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Time for a new dealer. Thats a service advisor with his head up his ass. Thats ridiculous. I work for a dealership that modifies many car and trucks including intakes and exhaust. We don't really do further than that because we know that minor mods like that do NOT affect engine performance detrimentally.

Law states that whatever problems occur with your vehicle, if service decides its because of an aftermarket part, they need to be able to specifically show how and why its that part that caused the problem. At least here in Cali. Find a new dealership or service advisor thats an actual "car guy".

Just change it back to stock for dealer visit. That is the only way to make sure that you won't have a problem. Which is what I will do if and when something happens, to bad it has to be that way, but looks like if something happens, it will be towed home then to the dealer with there tow truck, after taking the mods off, intake, and exhaust, in my case. The tune, I would suggest getting a way to copy the tune from your tuner and worst case flash the computer back, if needed. I will be getting a tune local as to be able to go buy or have the speed shop come by and return back to stock.
ctsvonfire - thanks for the info - please tell me that someone didnt put all that money into a g*d damn v6?
Oyh yeah, it was over 450 hp. Lund Cadillac did it all I think. Some rich kid up here bought.
Nashville's not too far from Huntsville. Have to keep that in mind.
I like to believe that dealers will be far more apt to work with a good and loyal customer than they are to someone who seldom comes in. Further, having the dealer install such aftermarket parts is also helpful imo.
Hey Try this Warranty information.

It's the Magnuson moss act. It tells you your rights about warranty and what a dealer can and can't refuse to do.

What the dealer told 04ctsvfla is a bunch of crap, not to mention against the law to deny warranty work because of aftermarket part's.. You have rights as consumers. Know your rights and dont let the dealer screw you over.

my service advisor says "i'll do whatever you want, it makes me money" lol
asked him today to line me up a new radiator and the 15 rear diff. lol

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So can I raise the BS flag and march into my dealership????????
Tell them to research the magnuson-moss act or even better bring in a copy when u go back. I bet they wont have the same attitude.
PremierTruck said:
Tell them to research the magnuson-moss act or even better bring in a copy when u go back. I bet they wont have the same attitude.
Agree. Have them walk you through the law and how they are in accordance with such act.
I briefly scanned the ACT, it doesnt really relate though does it...if
cliffs on the act?
Luna. said:
Agree. Have them walk you through the law and how they are in accordance with such act.
Avoid CREST CADILLAC and VAL WARD CADILLAC in Southwest Florida. They run the spectrum from unethical to incompetent. Multiple, and I mean multiple, bad experiences with both. Thieves and idiots.
Magnusen-Moss Warranty Act? Cadillac Rep: “Never heard of it…”. Cadillac Corporate Exec says: “Screw you! I have a job for at least another 12 months until GM officially declares Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, in which case I will have a golden parachute at the taxpayers expense to cushion my fall.”
Run for the hills.
Chances are if they did say if the mods were ok now, they would change their mind (or someone would change their mind) in the future. GM is considering bankruptcy which means they'll save money everywhere. As much as I would like to mod my car, it is just not worth the risk. That is why I made sure I have one kick ass stock car.

Before someone brings up the MB, BMW, Asian Cars or whatever else flags, they are all the same way. Audi will be glad to screw you for not having their own mechanics do the work.
04CTSVFLA said:
So can I raise the BS flag and march into my dealership????????
Wow, this thread has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. Let me get this straight. You are ready to storm you dealership, acting like a jailhouse lawyer, conducting a seminar on Magnuson-Moss, over warranty claims that have not been denied due to mods that you don't have?

My first suggestion is switch to decaf and stop hyper-ventilating.

Second, find a good dealer who offers and/or understands basic hi-po bolt-ons. Caddie offers performance exhausts as an option. They were Corsa and I believe they may have switched to Magnaflow. Have the dealer put it on if you have to, but no exhaust offered by GM is going to void a warranty even at the worst dealerships. A K&N drop in is no problem, but it is conceivable that an open unit could, in some wierd circumstance, or due to impropoer installation, allow the engine to ingest some object or water that would cause damage that would not be covered under warranty. It all depends on the circumstances, so no one is going to be able to give you a total green light on performance mods. There is some element of risk involved in any mod, albeit a small one in the case of basic mods like exhaust and CAI.

The same goes for tuning the PCM. Is it possible to make a programming mistake that causes a problem? Sure it is, and the dealer is not going to pay for it. That is why, if you go that route, you get it done by someone who knows what they are doing (like Stealth) and not some hack.

There are Caddie dealers out there that welcome performance drivers. I'm sure there must be one within driving distance of Gainesville. However, you are likely to get nowhere fast playing amateur lawyer, threatening a dealership over work they haven't even done yet. Try finding a good dealership and developing a positive relationship.
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