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I've been thinking about the factory wheel hop bushing fix, as well as some of the reported problems associated with it.

(1) Reported:

"The bushings squeak from some that have them..... The bushings don't squeak from others that have them".

Maybe... some dealers are not greasing them with a high quality synthetic grease/silicone spray, or maybe the cradle bolts were not torqued enough and this is the cause.

(2) Reported:

"Had the bushings installed, worked fine for a while, then the hop got bad again".

Maybe... the cradle bolts settled and need to be re-torqued. It has been reported that the Cradle bolts seem to work best at 180ftlbs front, 140 ftlbs rear....... Other refrences state 90ftlbs all around... this may be the problem. It has also been reported that they get re-torqued after about 50-miles. GM dealers may have a lower cradle bolt torque value from within the service manual.

I do not have the bushings yet so i cannot try anything. If it was my car, and the bushing squeaked or loss their effect, i would re-torque the cradle bolts first...

Please report back if this has helped you out. :)
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