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Lingenfelter CAI whistle

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Any of you guys out there with a Lingenfelter CAI notice a whistleing sound
on take off or 2nd to 3rd ? I not saying its long or loud, but I do notice it.
Is this unusual? I'm still learning and could use a little help from the V masters.


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I remember someone who used to be on here who knew alot about airflow, aerodynamics etc....if i remember correctly, and dont quote me on this bc i smoke weed.....but.....i remember him saying that that noise is a positive sound which occurs when air is following some perfect path or something of the sorts.....or like the filter is maximizing flow....dont rmemeber, but i do remember him saying it was naturally occuring, I have it on my volant....upon blipping the throttle it was most noticeable stopped blipping the throttle.....but i have also read that the noise could be caused by a WHO KNOWS????
I've had a high pitch whistle with a cool air intake before but i also had a throttle body spacer, if your hearing a sucking noise then no worries it's just those horses breathin!:domo:
If its really loud and noticeable you may try tilting the angle of the air filter. I made a DIY CAI with that same K&N filter and have noticed the same. Give it a shot, takes 30 seconds to try. Mine is tilted a little further than 45 degrees up.
I never had any whistling noise. Mine is tilted a bit downward. I used to be able to hear it sucking air in (very briefly) but it's drowned out by the Kooks.:bouncy:
More than likely you're hearing the whistle that the throttle body is making at low throttle blade angle. The reason you did not hear this with the stock setup is that the silencer housing built into the stock air filter housing eliminates the whistle. I installed a K&N CAI and noticed the whistle right away if i hold the throttle at about 5%-10%, or a "chirp" sound when the throttle passes thru the angle at which the whistle occurs.
I don't personally have a V, but I test drove one w/ a Volant air intake and it whistled just as your discribing.

I had a 00 C5 that had a VaraRam installed and it whistled just the same.. I'd call it normal :D
Also the fact that the intake is no longer sealed creates more noise also... It is a goos sound to hear if you wanted extra horses!!!
i have the LPE CAI, it does have a very loud wistle but from what ive been hearing its completely normal
Whistle While You WORK!!
We do it, why can't the V?
I also have the LPE on 2 Vs with a whistle. Both ran great.:)

Goes away as the filter picks up some crud.
Mine actually got better after cleaning and re-oiling the filter. Still have a little but much less than b4
Thanks to all you guys for you responses !!
I was hoping this wasn't a problem. I will try a little tilt on the filter.
It's acutually getting better (or I'm getting used to it) the more I drive.
Thanks to all you V-Masters :worship: :worship: :worship:
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