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Lights smashed......

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Hi, i have a 1993 Cadillac Eldorado for my son, i keep it in a barn at my house, with one other car. Today i had to move them out to sweep the barn. as i reversed it back in, i slipped and mashed the accelerator, and now my rear lights are smashed after hitting a wooden crossbar. its just the tail light clusters....

I'm in the UK though, is ebay a good source for such items?
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That's definitely an "AWW MAN!" if I ever heard one!

I'm currently searching eBay for a taillight for my STS (don't ask!)
I lost an auction recently...outbid at the last second, so I gotta look again.
Prices can range from $50-$100.
GMPartsDirect has mine for $140.
Dealer is $300-ish.

Just be sure to read the feedback on the seller and ask any questions...
(and buy shipping insurance!)
I've bought several items through eBay and have been dissapointed only once.

Good Luck!
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ebay is a good source. if the seller will ship to the UK.

I've made the same mistake you have before, on a different vehicle.

If you find one on ebay that does not ship to the UK, let me know, I'd be willing to have it shipped to me and then i'll ship it to the UK for you, just help out with the cost of that shipping. I tried shipping some compact discs to Chile and they wanted $100's!!
But remember that your car probably has a different cluster (European). I think that US STS don''t have amber lenses (just red). I could be wrong though...

Thanks guys, looking on ebay as we speak, my car is a US import, was brought here in 1993 by the previous owners, as Cadillacs werent being sold here at the time..

So US parts will fit okay.

Thanks again

(PS definately an AWW MAN! never had any bumps before......ever)
You might try -

There's a bunch of tail lights listed on that site for a 1993 Cadillac Eldorado.
Im going to see how much they will cost at an American car specialist before i buy any over the internet, if i can get them here and pay a premium, rather than wait for them and pay less, i'll do that.

I took it to an American car specialist, and he had a set in stock, i had to buy the front lights too, but i now have clear indicator repeaters so all is good!

He asked me if he wanted them fitted and charged me nothing for it because i was making a sale, it cost me £80 (about $140) with free fitting, car is in top shape again :D

My older son is using it to prevent any underuse damage (like tyres, brakes etc) until my younger son can drive it....
samm said:
lol, tyres...damn europeans...
LOL yeah our spellings are complicated i always wanted to say color
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