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lighted crests on the pillars

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were those an option on a 93 sixty-special or do they glow......mine dont light.
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Standard on the 93 sixty IIRC. They're electrolumenescent and should light up with the lights on.
God those are cool. I had an electroluminescent "Limited" badge on my Roadmaster...god that sure was cool. I really miss that feature.
They were only available with the padded roof. By now, many do not glow. They are also rare and hard to replace.

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are they electric or reflective?
Electroluminescent. Google it. Similiar to neon, but not powered by an external source. BTW, I do believe that they were also on 1993 Sixty Specials ordered with standard padded roof DELETE, as I have personally seen such.
I saw a 91-93 sedan DeVille at the junkyard today that had the padded (not cabriolet) roof with the electroluminescent C pillar lights.
I checked just a few days ago, and they are still available from GM. They are discontinued, but there are about 100 of each left and they are going for about $100. I need one for mine...but I figured I have a little time as I'm sure the average owner isn't replacing them too quickly!
One other possibility is that the glow fluid is low. Have you checked that lately?
One other possibility is that the glow fluid is low. Have you checked that lately?
yeah on my 90 deville i have the padded roof and one day i took a screwdriver and popped one out they have an electrical plug that runs to them so i just go to the junk yard and pull them until i get lucky... and no way in hell will i pay 100 bucks for a small if anyone finds them cheaper let me know.
I have seen the electroluminensce lights on a 88 coupe de ville at the junkyard west of Minneapolis last week when I was there, it is an elec.flat piece of metal (as dallasj as stated above) that is coated with phosphorescent pigment coating and glows when energized. I took both the covers off of it and tried to put them on my 89 Coupe de Ville (with vinyl top) opra lights. They are a different shape, but fit ever so close. Bummer the lt. covers are only sold as the lt.kit assembly, and are discontinued item. The discontinued warehouse has some assemblyfor 166.0$ dollars a piece. I will modify the cover I have to work on mine. Otherwise that was the only Coupe out there....
Or you could just do like Stoney (stoneagecaddy) did and put a small incandescent lamp behind them.
That Is A Good Idea That I May Do Is Just Hollow It Out And Put A Small Light In It
Someone mentioned in one of the threads that the power supply for these lights is 110 ac and that there's a green colored converter in the trunk. Well I've looked everywhere in my Sixty and numerous Fleetwoods at the junkyard and I can't find this so called convertor anywhere. Any suggestions where exactly they are located would be appreciated.
85-88 DeVilles/Fleetwoods (if equipped with Opera Lamps) have them above the right wheel well in the trunk. That's where it is on my car. Usually the lights themselves fail way before the inverters do though. I am also looking for one as my inverter recently died and my opera lights work (super rare to find working ones).

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Does anyone know or have one of these electroluminescent emblems ? I have a 1991 fleetwood and one of them is burned out.
Also, the proper procedjure in removing them, I'm afraid of damagine the padded top.
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