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License Plate Bracket (front)

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I just bought an 04 from another state, and it doesn't have the front plate bracket, New York (in its infinite wisdom) requires a front license plate.
does anyone know of a place where I can buy one of these. I've been keeping an eye on ebay, and saw one for a CTS-V but the ad says it doesn't fit the "regular" CTS.

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fight the power....i just got a fix-a-ticket for mine last week. Now im trying to make a bracket for it :mad: (because i gotta sho the cop how i fixed it or pay the fine.) but i refuse to drill holes :tisk:
i think i have a solution for you. i saw someone else with a v front end and they have the plate in the bottom grill. just wire it to the grill, zip ties, or bolt it to the grill if you want it permanent. should be enough for your fix a ticket.
f' the man
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