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Lf: 2004-2005 srx

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Hey, I'm currently in the market for a new car and I have a few questions about the SRX...

Originally I was going to buy a pick-up, either Ford, Dodge or GM, but, the SRX pricing seemed very fair and the ratings are great.

A few questions I have before I even go out to take a test drive.

How bad is the oil consumption? I have read on this forum that these cars use up quite a bit of oil.

How much head room can I expect, I'm about 6'3.

How durable is the drive train? I am looking at used cars with 100 000km (62140 miles) on them.

I live in Canada and plan to purchase the car here as well (if that makes a difference). I'm hoping to get a V6 AWD so all answers can be directed to that engine/transmission.
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Great SUV-rides like a sports sedan but has the space of a real SUV. I'm only 5'9" though- seems roomy to me.
My Northstar v-8 does not use any oil..and is a great engine. Oil use seems to be be a V-6 problem.
Make sure all the TSB have been done.
Many have experienced water leaks in the hatch where the spare tire is located. Do a search and inspect for sure
Mechanical prolems are pricey if no warranty..some have been great-others have hasd major problems. I have not had any engine or tranny problems. BTW, Daytime running lights burn out regularly.
I'm not worried but I am curious, why is the re-sale so poor? These SUV's are selling for $16 000 CDN around here, talking about multiple loaded 2004-2005's.

Also, what kind of life can I expect from either engine?
Be sure you test drive the car and consider who will be your passengers. The wide doorsills of the 04 and 05 models turn a lot of people off. You have to be a bit of an acrobat to get in and out without getting the back of your pants legs dirty. If you can swing it, buy and 06 which has narrow doorsills and a power rear liftgate.

Headroom is great, even with the ultraview. I think engine oil use varies by unit. I check it ever other fill up. It looks like I'm adding about 2 quarts between oil changes, which I change at 25-30% OLM.
I have a V6 AWD 2004 and use NO oil. I am the original owner and broke the engine in the correct way which may explain this.

The SRX rides very nice for an SUV, tight in turns, sure footed, great in Snow, and nice power.

I'm 6'1" and have ton's of head room to spare without the sunroof. I don't find the doorsill a problem at all. Make sure your OnStar phone was upgraded to Digital. I had mine done for a very reasonable price.

My SRX has been in the shop more than I like with at least 6 recalls, but my dealer is outstanding and the work they did has had no negative impact to the car. I originally had a 3 year leas and decided to purchase the car and keep it until it dies.

Good luck with your decision.

I own a 05 SRX with the 3.6 engine & pan roof, I'm 6'1 & I have plenty of room. It rides and drives great plus the huge sunroof is great. Mine has 84 k miles and it uses no oil. its always been garaged and maintained though, I'm what some call a car nut. Its been a great car for me. Good luck.
Lots of good information here, thank you.

Keep it coming. If you feel the need to suggest other options, go ahead.

I'm looking for AWD, head room and a pretty nice car, lol.
I'm 6'2 240lbs
I love to drive my 04 SRX AWD/V8
It has been the shop for recalls but I love it!
It uses no oil.....If things improve I'd like to buy a 09 SRX

George Ware
I keep reading this forum. I really like the look of the truck and should be going to check one out tomorrow or sometime this weekend.

How bad is this rear leak problem? Has anyone found a definite fix yet? As far as I can tell, that is the only real serious issue.

I purchased a 2005 SRX V6 AWD last September with 25,000 miles on it; it is just a great car, the driving dynamics are just superb. It is quiet, comfortable, very roomy (I'm 6'1), the handling is outstanding, the V6 has plenty of power, it is very good on gas for its size/weight and full time AWD. Plenty of headroom, the sunroof is unique in that it lifts up over the roof and goes back, it does not go into the roof; this saves on head room. The V6 is really smooth, the torque curve is broad and you always seem to have power, not alot of gear hunting goes on. I have 28,000 miles on it now and have not yet changed the oil, it also has not used any oil. The AWD system is very smooth and performs excellent in snow.

On the door sills I do not have a problem with them, although I have not seen the newer ones. I had a Jeep Wrangler before this so maybe I'm used to the step in. Water in the jack compartment is common, I have not had this issue. Another common issue is the rear washer not working, I do have this issue and need to take it in.

Overall it is just a great car, I would definately do it again.
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We had an '04 V8 and now own an '08 V6 and I would recommend either. If you're buying one out of warranty, just make sure that you have the resources to maintain it. Not that you should expect major repairs but, if they do happen, keep in mind that you're buying a car that bristles with technology and has many unique Cadillac parts. No different in that respect from an Infiniti, Lexus, MB, BMW, Audi, Volvo etc. - important to keep in mind regardless of what you buy when you're looking at used.

The resale value is crappy for a number of reasons but mostly because the SRX was never a marketplace hit and there's not much awareness out there about how great these CUVs really are.
I'm hoping to get a GM Optimum used vehicle...
Got a chance to check one of these out tonight. Truck had 130 000KM on it, warranty was two years/40 000km for $2500, covers all electronics/powertrain.

Would it be wise to purchase a warranty?
I'm not familiar with the Canadian warranty offerings. But, I would definitely buy a Cadillac certified pre-owned unit with the 6 yr / 100K warranty.
I'm not exactly sure how the warranty works either, if anyone has information on Canadian warranties, please chime in. I'll research in the meantime.

Should be going to check out another from a private seller tomorrow!
At this point I'm just wondering, how much mileage can I push this engine to, until it requires major repairs. Also, anyone have any problems with the electronics?
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