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I noticed a strange issue with my 02 DHS yesterday. The driver side rear window and lock operate fine using the switches in the main panel on the driver door.

However, when using the switches on the left rear door itself, I am only able to close the window and not reopen it. No click, nada. The window will not go down and the power lock will not function at all using it's own switches. The other controls on the door work fine such as the seat warmer and massage/lumbar adjust.

There are no codes present, specifically no LRD codes. I can also poke the door module itself (LRD) and read it's ID. With all that said, do you think the module is okay and I just have a broken wire?

I had the ground wire break inside the conduit near the connector once before but it caused the entire door to go dead and not even respond from the driver's door switches. It was an easy fiz with the hardest part being removing the door panel.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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