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Left projector headlights is off

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My V's left projector lights is quite strange. It throws a strong beam of light instead of a wide one with a clear cutoff like the one on the right. I've just noticed this after swapping out the stock Phillips Hid bulbs with Osram Xenarc CBIs. The light output is much stronger now but I dont think that's the source of the problem.

I don't think it's the level either because adjusting the level just raises the straight beam of light up and down. It doesn't do anything to fix the width of the beam nor fix the cutoff - really annoying.

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Does anyone have photos of their headlights cutoffs?
I was able to find the problem. The left side bulb wasnt seated properly. Took 20mins to remove the left headlights and install them back.

Here's how a week old Osram Xenarc Cool Blue Intense look like. They're worth their 200$ price!

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Hey Larry! Sure thing! Ill do them tonight.
Very clean light. I am sure they look better in person. Can you get a pic facing the front to see how white they look?
Been busy yesterday but here you go! The bulbs are still in the break in period and should still get brighter after 20hrs of use.

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