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LED brakelight in Spoiler - ETC

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I have a spoiler on my 1997 Eldorado Touring Coupe. It looks beautiful, but it turns out it's aftermarket. It has an LED brakelight in it, mounted on the lower end of the wing itself. The brakelight has a number of the LED's that are burned out, so I'd like to get another one...

Logandiagnostic helped me out and referred me to Texas DAR, who we thought made my spoiler.

However, their spoiler has a 33" LED in it. My spoiler has a 31 inch LED brakelight. So, it is not theirs.

Anybody have any idea whose spoiler I have, and how I can get a replacement LED??

Thanks very much.

Patrick :D
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Perhaps if you post a few pictures someone might recognize it.
Looks exactly like the Texas DAR spoiler, but it's not....


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Well, it's been a few months... but I finally fixed it.

I found a 31" LED at $80 with shipping. They were very nice to work with.

Actually, I owe a big thanks to LoganDiagnostic, who was very helpful. He is very knowledgable about LED's in all forms... He put me on the right track.

Drove the car today, it's working great.

One slight note of advice, this particular LED needs a good 12.8-13.0 volts to light... my battery may be weak, but the light does NOT light if the car is off. With the car running, it works perfectly. I panicked somewhat when it initially didn't work, :hmm: , but eventually figured it out. I presume the car will typically be running when I apply the brakes...:histeric:

Thanks again for the assistance.
Where can I get one of those spoilers for my ETC painted?
do a search they are all over the net and ebay man
I seen one on EBAY but the brake light looked real small. I asked him how big it was, hasn't anwsered yet.
The Texas DAR is a nice one that is painted to match your car - you give them the paint code when you order it.

Meant to mention, theirs is a 33" LED in the back... slightly LONGER LED than mine....
Great....found the post. We have someone else looking for the 33 inch Eldo lamp. I knew Patrick had posted the inches of Texas DAR and then the other one..

Sounds like todays search is for the Texas DAR one...33 inches..

Logan Diagnostic
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