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1988 Allante.
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I'm about to recolor the interior of my 88, it's showing it's age. but I've seen a few different companys leather kits ( leatherique, leather magic, color plus etc. ) does anyone have before and afters, or even just afters of any of these companys products on Allante seats? I ask because I've seen some redone seats that look like painted plastic ( too shiny) and I recently had a panel in my BMW done by a mobile company, and it just looks too "dry" almsost there a product that recolors the leather and leaves it with a matte, slightly glossed sheen like when it was new? so it actually looks and feels like leather? Stealth, you mentioned in a post you did your seats along time ago.Any pics of your seats after you redid them? and how about now that they are needing it again? has it worn well?any pics from today? ..

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