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2010 CTS4 3.0
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I have a 2010 CTS sedan with the ultra view sun roof. Over the past couple days i've noticed a water stain on my head liner in the rear passenger area, and this morning after it had rained, the head liner was dripping water. I assumed that like so many other CTSes, my drain tube had become clogged.

So I ran some weed whacker line through the green rear passenger drain tube, near the battery, similar to the first half of this video. I could only get 4 to 5 feet of line through the drain tube before the line stopped on something. Nothing came out of the drain tube and the weed whacker line wasn't dirty. I can breath through the drain tube so I don't think it is completely clogged.

I took an empty bottle and connected it to the rear passenger drain tube, and then proceeded to pour a bottle of water on to the rear of the sun roof. The empty bottle remained empty, a fresh water spot occurred on the head liner a while later, and the bulk of the water drained through god knows where in the body, and ultimately ended up pouring down on to both of my mufflers (mostly on the passenger side one) near the side of the muffler with the exhaust tip.

Does anyone have any idea what the most probable cause is? Anything I can try without having to remove the sun roof? The GM service manual is telling me the next step would be to partially drop the head liner and check for disconnected hoses.
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