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Leaking axle shaft seal

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I appear to have a bad axle seal. I am leaking fluid on the drivers side where the axle enters what I think is the transmission case. I have not pulled the wheel to look closer yet since I don't know if this is likely something I can handle myself. Is the a common failure on a 2003 DHS and something a shade tree mechanic can fix? Or is this something I should not even attempt to handle and take it to a dealer.
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3rd clutch housing leak......
Sorry, but not enough information for me.
The third clutch housing is behind the axle seal. The axle rides on the bushing, you can remove the axle and check the end of the axle for scoring or wear. Usually to repair the bushing you'd have to disassemble the transmission. I believe a gentleman named Mike Lawson devised a repair with a redesigned tripot end.


If you want in depth information on this , visit my post 4t80e woes....
Unfortunately it looks like Mike Lawson has departed this site and eBay. He has not posted since April, 14 and I cannot find his product anywhere, including eBay. Too bad.

But thanks for the link. I learned a lot; now I have to make a decision as to what to do next. My Cadillac dealer wanted $750 to replace a front spark coil, so I can only imagine their price to fix this.
I believe there is also a website that sells the similar axle stabilizer bearing; although you'd have to find a shop to machine the axle tripod.
Thank you. Some searching produced: Click on "Support Information" and the next page has a link to the "Instruction Sheet". Now I just need to find a machine shop to do the milling and order up. Thanks.
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