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01 frontier , 89 Shelby CSX vnt
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Whipped the last leak on my list on the 12th , had to swap in a new oil filter adapter and oil pressure sending unit heres what i found :

#1 the sending unit was leaking oil into the plug for the harness
#2 the drivers side most oil line to the adapter was missing its o ring
#3 the adapter to block o rings were trashed
#4 the dealer i bought it from put 10w40 in causeing the leaks as it didnt leak at all when i brought it home , we think the 40w caused excessive oil pressure , as the owners manual says explictly not to use 40w

so she was leaking in 3 places , but man was this a easy job , i have to hand it to caddy on this one , bout and hour in the driveway and i was done , and didnt have to take the engine apart to do it , all i took off it get to the adapter was the whole airbox assembly , i was worried the distrib had to come out but the adapter's hole for the distrib side bolt isnt a hole but a crows foot type deal so you loosen the bolt and she slides out after the valve cover side bolt is removed ...but ....

ive noticed alot of 4.9s have some groaning noise to them , my powersteering pump seems to be the cluprit but im thinking it could also be the trannys front pump (but i seriosly doubt it ) . so im halfway thinking about putting a new GM powersteering pump in there , i thought about rebuilding it myself ive done more than a few gm pickup truck pumps but i think the barrel the sliding impellers ride on is worn so im just gonna buy new ....

any ideas here ? if not ill wait till she blows and then swap it out

shes washed and waxed , took a few pics of her yeasterday under a american flag , will post them later this week
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