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LCD Screen in Instrument Cluster flashes on and off

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This is in a 2017 XT5 Luxury. Around two days ago, while on a trip, the LCD information screen (the one where you have three choices of displays actuated by the direction buttons on the right portion of the steering wheel) began flashing on & off on a random basis. At times, the screen remains blank for a while, then it illuminates again, only to go blank in 10-15 seconds. Contacted local dealer who sounded like a deer-in-the-headlights as to what is the matter. Told me to bring it in when "it's doing it." Now, seriously, how can something which is so randomly intermittent be predicted to "not work?" I pounded the top of the instrument cluster shield, the bottom, the plastic shield, and nothing ( in the way of vibration) causes it to actuate. Neither does the angle of the car (up or down a hill). Going over bumps has no effect on it. The lighting affecting the tach, speedometer, fuel, etc gauges is not affected.
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tell them you will be driving their loaner car until they can duplicate and correct the problem.
Love this!
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