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Latest Version of GPS Software?

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What is the latest version of GPS software for the 2006 STS-V?

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I have version 3.00 and it is still outdated. I just got my STS-V in February of this year and it is a 2007 model year.

This is what I had on my 2006 before I got the new map DVD in the mail.

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...and here is what it looks like with the new DVD installed...

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I have version 3.0 now and I was hoping that somehow it would change the radio control funtions on the steering wheel, but no luck. My 06 searches through every radio station instead of the preprogramed ones. Does anyone know how to change this? It was corrected on the 07's.

My contact at the dealer says it is definetley fixable, but no one seems to know how.
If someone can tell me how to get to that screen I'll check. the dealer put a brand new navi/radio in my 06 today. I'd like to check what version they put in.
The short story:
Press the "MENU" button while on the nav screen...

Press on the area shown for about 5 seconds
When the keypad appears, enter "9448" and then press "OK"
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WOW! My new one is completely different.
Most of everything has newer versions. I don't know how to post pics so if someone wants to give me thier e-mail I will send you the pic for you t opost for me. Mine is [email protected] send me a mail and i will reply with the pic. is a good place to upload pictures to. They also have tools to automatically link photos back to forums.

We can compare functions tomorrow when I pick up that tire.
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